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Installing Controls

You can use third party controls or the LaxarJS controls which are available via Bower. Alternatively you can clone them using git. We published the controls on github.


To use a control in a widget, configure the path to the control in the RequireJS configuration of the application. The expected path has to be relative to the RequireJS baseUrl configured for the application.

For example, assuming that your baseUrl is 'bower_components' and the directory includes has the same root as the bower_components, add the following to the paths section of your require_config.js to use the 'myControl':

'my-control': '../includes/controls/my-control'

Now reference the control from the widget.json of the widget:

"controls": [ "my-control" ]

Use it as a custom attribute in the HTML template of the widget:

<div my-control></div>