The configuration module provides convenient readonly access to all values configured for this application under window.laxar. Most probably this configuration takes place in the JavaScript file application/application.js under your project's root directory.

When requiring laxar, it is available as laxar.configuration.


Module Members

Module Members

get( key, optionalDefault )

Returns the configured value for the specified attribute path or undefined in case it wasn't configured. If a default value was passed as second argument this is returned instead of undefined.


define( [ 'laxar' ], function( ax ) {
   ax.configuration.get( 'logging.threshold' ); // -> 'INFO'
   ax.configuration.get( 'iDontExist' ); // -> undefined
   ax.configuration.get( 'iDontExist', 42 ); // -> 42
} );
Property Type Description
key String a path (using . as separator) to the property in the configuration object
optionalDefault * the value to return if no value was set for key
Type Description
* either the configured value, undefined or optionalDefault