Before starting with the manuals, make sure that you know what LaxarJS is about, and that you are familiar with the core concepts. If you're already developing your first widgets and want to know which programmatic APIs are provided by LaxarJS, have a look at the API docs.

Basic Manuals

Learn about the building blocks of a LaxarJS application.

Learn how to integrate and leverage existing widgets and activities.

  • Flow and Places

    Creating a flow through the pages and make the addressable as places.

  • Events

    How to communicate between widgets using topics on the event bus.

  • Creating Themes

    How to create a custom, pluggable style for your widgets and applications.

  • Providing Controls

    How to create reusable, interactive elements that support themes.

  • Infrastructure and Tools

    What happens when a LaxarJS application starts, and how its assets are prepared.

Advanced Manuals