Installing Controls

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Installing Controls works almost in the same way as installing widgets.

Controls Root

The default directory that the laxar-loader uses when looking for controls within a project is application/controls/. It can be changed by creating a file laxar.config.js in your project and configuring the export paths.controls to a different string.

Listing Controls in the Widget Descriptor

The widgets of a LaxarJS application are identified by collecting them from the page definitions. In turn, the controls are collected based on the controls entries collected from all widget descriptors. Each widget should specify the controls that it requires by referencing their name property.

Using Controls

Depending on the integration technology used by your widget, controls will be available as components of your view framework (say, as AngularJS directives). Controls of the technology "plain" are an exception and are loaded using the axControls widget service, as described by the manual on the "plain" adapter.