Allows to instantiate a mock implementation of AxI18n, compatible to "axI18n" injection.


Module Members

Module Members

create( tagsByLocale, context, configuration )

Creates a mock for the "axI18n" injection of a widget.

Custom language tags for locales may be passed on creation, or changed using mockUpdateLocale. Alternatively, pass an AxContext instance to control the feature configuration and/or control the locale state using events. This is for use by widget test-beds (e.g. LaxarJS Mocks) to connect the i18n mock to the same event bus and feature configuration as the rest of the test.

Property Type Description
tagsByLocale Object starting locales with language tag(s) for which to simulate didChangeLocale. Use this to test controls (where using the event bus is out-of-scope)
context AxContext a context with features and/or eventBus to use. By default (or when set to an empty object), a mock eventBus will be used, and a widget with ID "test-widget" will be assumed, with its feature configuration "i18n.locale" set to "default"
configuration AxConfiguration pass a (mock) configuration to control the fallback language tag ("en" by default), using the configuration key i18n.locales.default
Type Description
AxI18n a mock of axI18n with preconfigured jasmine spies, plus the mockUpdateLocale method